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Stone Harbor Group is a business consulting company that specializes in trade association management for organizations in, and connected to, the clean energy economy.

We envision a socially responsible and environmentally sustainable future where businesses can thrive.


Stone Harbor Group offers the full suite of services that any trade association or collaborative organization needs to thrive such as policy, education, technical programs, marketing and administration. The most common services are summarized below.  Don’t see something you need?

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Industry associations know that they are either at the table or on the menu when decisions are being made in national  and state capitals. Stone Harbor Group has decades of experience in making sure your voices are heard. Our policy teams know how to get legislation passed and defend against attacks from competing interests.

We believe we can do more together than we can alone. Coalition building is the bedrock of a well functioning association. We have lots of experience in what works well to have functioning, thriving coalitions, and what doesn’t work well.  We’ll help you navigate to success.

Do you want help for your individual company instead of for an association? Stone Harbor Group has worked with companies large and small to do everything from rebranding to rolling out new products. We have an extensive network in the clean energy industry that we can put to work for you.

Stone Harbor Group has led and supported clients through successful mergers, handling and interpersonal stress that can result. We have also come in as new managers to associations that have struggled to thrive and turned them around to find new success.

Events are a center point for associations, members, and stakeholders to engage, network, educate and build revenue. Our events team has decades of experience in many industries which extend to multi-thousand person live events to virtual conferences. Let us work with you to build new revenue streams, create tradeshows, attract sponsorship, and build attendance.

Associations thrive with an active and diverse membership. Marketing membership is one thing, but building the programs that help organizations thrive even without marketing is where the real growth comes from. We can help you achieve both and the boost from new member revenue. We also have a powerful SalesForce-based membership database tool available for use by all clients.

New industries are often hampered by the lack of codes and standards, which can significantly slow adoption of technology. Stone Harbor Group has worked for decades in developing standards for renewable energy industries with the ICC, NFPA, SAE, and more.

Most clients come to Stone Harbor group first for policy and accounting services as they are the bedrock of a functioning organization. For most organizations, SHG’s finance team is the bookkeeper, preparing reports, and working with the budget. Stone Harbor Group thrives with successful and financially well-run organizational clients, and thus has a vested self interest in making sure clients manage their finances well. Transparent financial reporting to the decision makers like the Treasurer and Board, projecting cash flow and flagging critical cost factors are all part of Stone Harbor Group’s financial management services.

It’s hard for an association to represent an industry without collecting the data to show how big the industry is and how it’s growing. Stone Harbor Group’s data collection and database team collects and aggregates industry data, c and presenting the results in a digestible format for key audiences to easily comprehend.

Communicating key messages is a requirement of most client work, whether for a procurement, in a proposed action, correcting public discourse or creating new business opportunities. Misinformation and confusion are common among the public and decision makers. Stone Harbor Group’s team has PR, messaging, and outreach professionals that can help with general education and outreach,  create targeted public education campaigns, and developing messaging and graphics for the audiences you want to educate.

Your organization’s website is your most important tool for selling memberships, events and more. Our web team includes top notch designers, coders, and makes sure that updates are conducted regularly to keep your main website and event websites running, bringing in new members, attracting visitors, and generating revenue.


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